With genuine hospitality, traditional cuisine and breath-taking nature, our farmhouse is ideal for those seeking to relax and discover Tuscany.


The starters
With all due respect, we leave the red and black crostini and the like for pizzerias to make. Our starters are well-known because they are carefully assembled, and almost never the same, except for those few dishes that are part of our region’s history and traditions. Like our “cinta senese” cold meats (a breed of pig from Tuscany, that we raise as free-range animals and then prepare in our own food processing plant using strictly natural processes), which are often served with hand-made flat breads or “schiacciatine” that are baked and served while still warm, and “ficattole”, or strips of fried bread filled with creamy mozzarella. The well-loved puff-pastry pie with gorgonzola and pears, the “sformatini” (similar to soufflé) with eggplants or cauliflower, baked potatoes with soft stracchino cheese are some of the many dishes that can be enjoyed.

First courses
The real strength of the Praticino cuisine follows on from the initial treats: home-made pasta made with the thinnest possible pasta, making it extremely delicate and digestible.
The same magnificent pasta that is prepared just before serving, goes into the famous lasagna made with wild boar or pork mince; or the famous potato tortelli also served with mince, or simply with sage and butter; canoli alla fiorentina made with a ricotta and spinach filling (everything prepared by us in-house), tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms (harvested in our woods, prepared and ready to eat), tomato crepes filled with creamy mozzarella, and many other recipes that all have their wholesome goodness in common.

Second courses
The “cinta senese” also features here with its special qualities, roast pork loin or shoulder or a mixed roast dish with sausages, livers and pork spare ribs. And for whoever does not want to give up on their traditional steak, we serve the fillet with rocket or in a reduced rosemary and balsamic vinegar sauce. Leaving aside the meats, we also prepare hand-made short crust pies, with fillings that vary according to the seasons and the imagination of whoever is preparing the recipes with passion.

The side dishes
“patate sabbiose” or “sandy” potatoes (first boiled in water, then tossed in breadcrumbs, and baked in the oven with pancetta produced from the local “cinta senese”,) or seasoned tomatoes baked in the oven, or spicy white onions, Zolfini beans(typical of Pratomagno) or simply a mix of tender salad leaves, picked just before serving from our organic vegetable patch, lightly rinsed to remove any soil, because they have never been touched by any chemical products, not even copper sulphate.

Desserts and fruit complete the picture
To round-off our great passion: home-made tarts using only home-grown products, like the blackberry jam tart (jam made on the premises), or the very popular dark chocolate fondant tart, the classic “torta della nonna” or grandmother’s pie or the log served in winter filled with chestnut purée, made directly from the our own chestnut trees. Even the simple fruit salad, which we prepare by cutting fresh seasonal fruit into small pieces, is prepared just before serving.